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Hello There

This is the public homepage of Michael and Samantha Berz. There isn't a lot to know about us; we're really just quiet folks who prefer the country to the city, have two dogs but no children, and who manage to combine being active and social with being downright reclusive. This website probably isn't of much interest to anyone who doesn't already know us. Here's a thumbnail sketch: He bakes, she cooks; he makes bad puns, she groans at them; he pursues a career and she talks about herself in the third person. (Guess which of us is writing this?)

Michael is currently job hunting, so think of us if you know of any job openings in his field (Project Management, with a strong side of training experience and l33t network management/server skillz.) He is ready for a change, and he's looking for something new and interesting, so keep your mind (and your eyes) open. Money is not as important as challenging and rewarding work.

If Michael had written the above paragraph, the phrase "core competencies" would probably have appeared at least once. However, as you may have already guessed, Samantha is writing this, and she is a verbose English major with an aversion to buzzwords, and she has declared that there will be no "competencies" of any sort on this page.

If you have any questions for us, the best way to get them answered is to call or email us directly. Our contact information is linked to at the top of the page. We're pretty straightforward so we'll more than likely tell you anything you want to know.

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