I said on the front page that there's not a lot to know. Let's see if that's proven or disproven here.

Michael has been collecting Legos since he began college. To date, he has spent *mumble* dollars on them and has devoted a surprisingly large percentage of the square footage of his house to the storage of the little plastic bricks. Somewhat to his surprise, the predictions of many of his coworkers did not come true and when he got married, his wife did not make him "put away childish things." She says that it's far more fun to tease him about them than it is to fight about them.

Samantha stays home most days. She fills up her time by engaging in freelance work online, and by playing with Bubba Ho-Tep and Tilly, the two dogs who share this house with Michael and Sam. In theory, she does housework as well, but as anyone who has ever seen their house knows, that's not a guaranteed proposition. She blogs, sometimes for pleasure and sometimes for profit. She also has some tiny little business ventures on the side that usually make more money than they lose, and have the added bonus of keeping her busy.

Michael also bakes. He bakes really, really well, and if you like chocolate, stop by sometime and ask him for a snack. If you like ice cream, it gets even better--he's a standout in the field. Samantha cooks, but not nearly as well as Michael bakes.

The two of us occasionally satisfy our social impulses by throwing large, themed parties. They're called "Moviegasms" and despite the crude moniker, they are both family friendly and not particularly movie-centric. The last Moviegasm featured Superhero-themed movies, an insane amount of food, and the biggest turnout we've ever had. We hope the next one will be even larger. If you would like more information, or even directions to the house, contact us using the handy "Contact Us" tab.

Samantha is fairly serious-minded, though some of Michael's co-workers who can never quite seem to remember her name refer to her as "the funny one." She does not hold this against them. She assumes that they're talking about her sense of humor, though she has not tested that theory.

You know what? It turns out that there's actually plenty more to know. In fact, there's too much to put all on this page. If you'd like more, contact us. You know how.

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